EXTRA CLASS on July 13th, 2024

The perfect package for entry into the world of RB navigation!

The so-called EXTRA CLASS is a side event of the Bosnia Rally and was specially designed for beginners and RB navigation newcomers. We respond to the needs of the riders and we want to spend more time on the basics of scrolling navigation. Topics such as marking, setup, handling are worked out in theory and practice. As always, our symbols follow the international guidelines of FIM. Together we will guide you from correctly clamping the RB, over the test kilometer (calibration), to the start of the prolog.

With participation in the RB EXTRA CLASS you are one step ahead!

PROLOG on July 13th, 2024

Without exception, the prologue is only intended for participants in the RB EXTRA CLASS!

It is very important to us to plan this prolog as a test track for you. Around 50km are divided into different sections and given different challenges. We will follow you and watch how you put your theory into practice. At the end of the day you are more than ready for the upcoming Bosnia Rally.

For a perfect start

This lesson is made for newcomers.

Extra Class Package

190 Package includes
  • RB Navigation Theory
  • PROLOG 50km
  • 2 Nights / Hotel DR

EARLY BIRD Registration opens January 13, 2024 / 09:00am (CET)

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