With which motorcycle can I take part in the Bosnia Rally?

Participation is possible with any type of enduro motorcycle. It must be able to withstand the extraordinary off-road conditions and be in good technical condition.

Is accommodation included in the price?

The accommodation for this event is NOT included in the entry fee. By default, all riders are accommodated in a double room. If required, a single room can also be booked. There is also the possibility to camp in the bivouac.

Which tires are recommended for the event?

We recommend that the participants use hard gravel tires. It should withstand the 1200km track and also have the necessary grip.
Participation with normal road tires is not possible.

Can I also take part in the rally with a small tank?

At this event the minimum fuel range is 150km. Every participant should be able to cover this distance without problems. For safety reasons to carrying fuel in bottles on your body is prohibited. In exceptional cases
can also be taken with a small tank. So-called remote refueling stops are organized for this.

Should I ride with a tube or a mousse?

Basically, mousse is the preferred choice in the rally sport. Possible flat tires are avoided here and no one has to mend flat tires on the way. In the case of the big enduro bikes (ADV´s) that use a tube, we assume that the drivers are able to repair a flat tire on the way.

What exactly are LiteTracks?

Since the rider level and the motorcycles at the Bosnia Rally couldn’t be more different, we have developed special LiteTracks especially for beginners and ADV’s. The tracks bypass the selective sections or serve as shortcuts for neutralization.

What type of terrain can be expected in the stages?

The route runs mainly on gravel roads and field and forest trails. However, there are also very stony and muddy sections, as well as water crossings and single trails. Actually, everything can be expected. Cross country cannot be put into words.

Can I change the navigation class during the event?

At Bosnia Rally we train navigation with road books or e-road books. This type of navigation is an absolute priority for us. A change from road book to GPS is possible at any time. Conversely, changing from GPS navigation to RB navigation is only possible after consultation with the organization.

Do I absolutely need a trackable Garmin GPS device?

We recommend every participant to have a Garmin GPS with them. The riders get important waypoints every day
transferred to your GPS device. With this we want to ensure that nobody gets lost completely. Furthermore, the LiteTracks are also saved as a track on the GPS. If you don’t have a GPS, you CANNOT use LiteTracks!

How is the daily lunch break planned?

There is a scheduled lunch break at a restaurant or break point in each of the stages. Each participant can decide for himself, whether he wants to eat extensively or just eat a snack. We offer you the opportunity.

Is there electricity and sanitary facilities in the bivouac?

We have a power connection at the main building next to the bivouac. From there we can do the power distribution for everybody. Anyone who needs electricity should take long extension cables with them. Sanitary facilities are located opposite the main building approx. 50m from the bivouac.


No, the event is made for participants with off-road experience only. We ride a good 85% off the road. The route also includes some selective sections which can only be mastered by experienced riders.


A transfer of the data for the navigation is not possible. Our routes will be updated and changed until the very last moment before the event. The GPS data is exported as .GPX on the day of registration. The file contains all data from all stages.


The file for navigating with electronic Road book is available as a PDF endless version.

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